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1.  Short clips of a roaring oil rig in choppy seas. (Oilrig.mpg 0.6mb)

2.  Very rare, valuable Newcomb pottery on a turntable for
museum archive;  this is NOT an animation. (New9.mpg 2.2mb)

3. Paco the parrot leery of the camera;  note  how the pupils
of the eyes express emotion. (Paco.mpg 1.2mb)

4.  A close-up of a moving human eye.  (Eye.mpg 6.68mb)
1. An endoscopic study of the esophagus to investigate the
patency of a previously placed stent. (Endosnd3.mpg 1.8mb)

2. A laryngoscopic view of the vocal cords while humming three
tones. (3tone.mpg 1.6mb)
1. Fluoroscopic study of patient swallowing, aspirating, and
coughing. (Swalsnd2.mpg 1.0mb)

2. Fluoroscopic study of a swallow showing penetration.
(Penetrat.mpg 1.1mb)

3. A patient coughs and swallows. (Coughswa.mpg 2.0mb)
1. Milking the Gall Bladder during surgical removal.
(Milkgall.mpg 2.27mb)

2. Colonoscopy showing the removal of a polyp.
(Polypns1.mpg 0.8mb)

3. Blood cells flowing around an agglomeration of white cells..
(Cellflow.mpg 0.6mb)
1. Fluoroscopic study of normal swallow.  By request, TUT has
been especially adjusted to maximize soft tissue visualization.
Note facial tissues, nose, eye, lips, throat. (Softtis.mpg 0.2mb)

2. Fluoroscopic heart catheterization. (Card1.mpg  0.9mb)

3. A Clark TUT motion sagittal CAT-scan made from the recording
shown in PENETRAT.MPG (above) which reveals more of the
muscle activity involved in the swallow. (Sag1.mpg 0.5mb)

4. Skull of patient on radiation therapy simulator. Note repair
with clips. (Skullrep.mpg 1.2 mb)

5. A 3D view of the pelvis, clearly demonstrating the value
of 3D for relative spatial location. (3dAbd.mpg 7.47mb)
1.  Hungry microscopic pond life with articulating appendage
and mechanism.  (Pond1.mpg 1.6mb)

2.  Hungry pond life eating everything by fanning  with cilia.
(Pond2.mpg 1.8mb)